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Examples of work

Whilst most of my client work is confidential used for AGMs, product launces and trade shows, it usually involves sensitive information such as financial figures, new products and internal communications and wouldn't be suitable for publishing here.

I can demonstate examples of work outside of the public web domain and would be happy to arrange upon request.

To the right are a few tasters of work I have undertaken.

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PowerPoint Graphics

From a quick tidy-up to a full blown redesign that is on brand but with much more visual impact

Embedded videos, flash, sounds, complex animations and charts... the mix of elements can be endless

Website Development

A simple landing page or a complete e-commerce application? my experience covers both applications and everything in between

In addition to which, SEO, hosting or email services can also be added to complement your project


I am an internationally recognised photographer with two books on the market published by Constable & Robinson

Highly skilled in shooting for Sport or Corporates as well as Automotive and Product based materials

Watchout Graphics

I have extensive experience in programming complex multi-screen shows using Dataton's Watchout system

Applications can vary drastically from a simple 3 screen awards show to a complex 12 screen integration in a Michelin starred restaurant


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